New Homeowners

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bulletIdentifies "true homeowners"
bulletDelivers motivated interested buyers
bulletCombine with other databases for even stronger targeting

New Homeowners
New homeowners are eager and ready to buy what they need to settle into their new dwellings. This puts home-related service companies in a prime position to create new customers and build relationships, and our homeowner database is exactly how they can get there. For example, home improvement services, home security, medical, utilities, and many others rely on the homeowner database time and time again, because it is fresh, accurate and packed with motivated prospects.

Unlike many other databases, our new homeowner database properly identifies "real homeowners" versus commercial, investment or non-sale transactions. By including only transactions that are identified as sales of owner-occupied residential properties, companies get the best prospects -- those who are ready and willing to buy. We use public records to correctly identify new owners and details of their purchases. You can also use other selects to further pinpoint your most profitable prospects.

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