Occupant Database

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Saturation Walk Sequence

Addresses your needs for the broadest mailings possible
Looking for a smarter way to lower your ever-rising postage costs? Let Access America Direct and the "occupant" addresses make sure your mail receives maximum coverage at reasonable costs. It's a highly effective way to reach a greater number of people.

You can select postal routes that meet saturation walk sequence discounts and target markets demographic values. This will further focus your marketing needs and reduce postage costs, and as you know, postage is the costly part of a mailing.

Selections and Demographics
The Occupant File reaches more prospects while keeping your postage costs down. Choose from several cost-conscious options including:


Selective Saturation
Pay the lowest postage rates available by mailing only to carrier routes that meet saturation walk sequence discounts.


Demographic Targeting
Target neighborhoods using carrier-route level demographics, which can increase penetration without wasting resources by mailing to an entire region. The result lets you customize highly focused, high response marketing.

Ordering from Access America Direct, you receive all the reports, bag tags, etc. that the post office requires for Occupant mailings. There's no guesswork involved.

If you choose not to do the mailing yourself, let us make letter shop arrangements for you -- it's just that easy.

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