Public Records File

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bulletUpdated continuously
bulletData compiled directly from courthouses
bulletAvailable for suppress or select opportunities

A necessity in targeting the best prospects

These days, more and more companies are turning to us for crucial information about public record data. The Public Record File features the most comprehensive and accurate database of filings including nationwide bankruptcy coverage, as well as tax lien and civil judgment information. With coverage in 31 states, the file captures public record filings on both businesses and individuals. This is an important tool for companies that market financial and consumer-related products and services.

List Rental

The bankruptcy and tax lien file is specifically designed for direct mail purposes. Companies from auto dealers to secured credit card divisions to retailers find these lists to be an invaluable resource for building their businesses. Complete bankruptcy records include pertinent information related to the case, such as filing, discharges, and dismissals. Complete tax lien record coverage includes filing and release information. We provide the most deliverable public record file because we perform monthly address integrity maintenance -- and we further enhance the file using:

bulletHousehold income
bulletOwn/rent indicators
bulletPhone numbers
bulletBankcard indicator
bulletLength of residence
bulletDwelling unit type
bulletMarital status

Suppression Services

The public record file including bankruptcies, tax liens and civil judgments is available for marketing suppression services. Using this tool, you can effectively remove unwanted prospects from your marketing list/database based upon specific public record characteristics. You save money right up front by not mailing to prospects who might not be able to benefit from or purchase your products or services.

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