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A leading provider of targeted direct mail marketing mailing lists, telemarketing lists and email marketing lists in the Chicago area. ACCESS AMERICA DIRECT MARKETING GROUP has over 20 years of experience and we strive to insure your valuable direct mail marketing dollars are reaching the right people, and the people you are most likely to do business with.

Our focus is on meeting your needs, and the needs of your business, with the right direct mail marketing mailing list. Once we uncover who your ideal prospect is, our job begins.

We research to find the most accurate, deliverable and up-to-date direct mail marketing lists and telemarketing lists available for consumer direct mail marketing or business to business direct mail marketing. We provide free counts and exact pricing so there are no surprises. In most cases, you can have your list in two or three days.

Our job is to make your direct mail marketing efforts as effective and efficient as possible. Our services do not end there. Use ACCESS AMERICA DIRECT MARKETING GROUP to append telephone numbers and other demographic data to your existing customer database file.

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Consumer direct marketing list examples

Consumer Marketing Lists

  Age   Length of Residency
  Estimated Income   Financial Interests
  Gender  Phone Number
  Dwelling Type   Presence of Children
  Occupant/Saturation   Net Worth

Over 12 million Businesses to choose from

Business to Business Marketing Lists

  SIC Codes   Phone & Fax Number
  Name of
  Franchise/Brand Info
  # of Employees   Year Established
  Approximate Sales Vol.   Parent/Branch Affiliations

Specialty Marketing List Examples

  Homeowners/Loan Info   Homeowners/Interest Rate
  Magazine Subscriptions   Homeowners/Financing
  Medical Lists   Credit Card Holder
  Mail Order Buyers   Hobbies/Interests
Public Record Files Group Affiliations
New Movers   OVER 20,000 LISTS
New "Opt Out" Phone Numbers E-mail Lists



Consumer Direct Marketing Options

Across the country, potential customers are eager to hear about your products and services. The key to your success is finding exactly the right people, which is why the Consumer direct marketing list database is exactly the answer you're looking for.

The most extensive, information-rich targeted direct marketing mailing lists available on the market today, it contains vital information on over 200 million households. The consumer database helps you make smart, educated selections based on your specific marketing needs. Your company's direct marketing challenge or opportunity can be met and often exceeded using the power of the Consumer Database.

The direct marketing database remains remarkably accurate and dependable because of constant updating and our unique data compilation methodology. New information is incorporated as soon as it becomes available and new sources are continually being sought to further enrich the file.

Whether you want to build profitable direct mail programs, or create stronger, more selective customer and prospect files, nothing matches the scope and accuracy of the Consumer direct marketing database.

bulletCovers more than 95% of U.S. households
bulletLargest, most comprehensive compilation of insightful demographic and lifestyle information
bulletIncludes age, gender, marital status, income, length in residence, mail responsiveness, home ownership, ethnic households, and much more.

Smart Selections

bulletFamily Income
bulletEthnic Households
bulletFemale Head of Household
bulletActive Consumers
bulletPotential Investor Consumers
bulletMail Responders
bulletAND MORE


Business to Business Direct Marketing Lists

Select Your Direct Marketing List by Type of Business or Yellow Page Heading
Yellow Pages, the easiest way to identify business. So complete and specific, you can precisely pinpoint your hottest prospects!

Select Your Direct Marketing List by SIC Code
The lists are conveniently organized according to the U.S. Government's Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Coding System. Businesses are categorized by general business activity.

Select Your Direct Marketing List by Number of Employees or Estimated Sales Volume
By choosing these selects you can target large companies or smaller "Ma and Pa" size businesses.

Select Your Direct Marketing List by Geographic Area
This select is perfect for those who market nationally, regionally or locally! Select by State, County, Zip Code or Area Code.

Select Your Direct Marketing List by Geographic Radius
Locate prospects within miles, or blocks of your business' trading area.

Select Your Direct Marketing List by Title of Executive
Identify key decision makers by title, helping you reach the individual who influence and make the final buying decision!


New Homeowner Direct Marketing List


bulletIdentifies "true homeowners"
bulletDelivers motivated interested buyers
bulletCombine with other databases for even stronger targeting

New Homeowner Direct Marketing List
New homeowners are eager and ready to buy what they need to settle into their new dwellings. This puts home-related service companies in a prime position to create new customers and build relationships, and our homeowner direct marketing mailing list database is exactly how they can get there. For example, home improvement services, home security, medical, utilities, and many others rely on the homeowner database time and time again, because it is fresh, accurate and packed with motivated prospects.

Unlike many other databases, our new homeowner direct marketing database properly identifies "real homeowners" versus commercial, investment or non-sale transactions. By including only transactions that are identified as sales of owner-occupied residential properties, companies get the best prospects -- those who are ready and willing to buy. We use public records to correctly identify new owners and details of their purchases. You can also use other selects to further pinpoint your most profitable prospect.


Occupant Database

Addresses your needs for the broadest direct marketing mailings possible
Looking for a smarter way to lower your ever-rising postage costs? Let Access America Direct and the "occupant" direct mail addresses make sure your mail receives maximum coverage at reasonable costs. It's a highly effective way to target your direct marketing mailings to reach a greater number of people.

You can select postal routes that meet saturation walk sequence discounts and target market demographic values. This will further focus your direct marketing needs and reduce postage costs, and as you know, postage is the costly part of a mailing.

Selections and Demographics
The Occupant File reaches more prospects while keeping your postage costs down. Choose from several cost-conscious options including:

bulletSelective Saturation
Pay the lowest postage rates available by mailing only to carrier routes that meet saturation walk sequence discounts.

Demographic Targeting
Target neighborhoods using carrier-route level demographics, which can increase penetration without wasting resources by mailing to an entire region. The result lets you customize highly focused, high response marketing.

Ordering from Access America Direct, you receive all the reports, bag tags, etc. that the post office requires for Occupant mailings. There's no guesswork involved.

If you choose not to do the mailing yourself, let us make letter shop arrangements for you -- it's just that easy.


Public Records File Direct Marketing Lists


bulletUpdated continuously
bulletData compiled directly from courthouses
bulletAvailable for suppress or select opportunities

A necessity in targeting the best prospects

These days, more and more companies are turning to us for crucial information about public record data. The Public Record File features the most comprehensive and accurate database of filings including nationwide bankruptcy coverage, as well as tax lien and civil judgment information. With coverage in 31 states, the file captures public record filings on both businesses and individuals. This is an important tool for companies that market financial and consumer-related products and services.

List Rental

The bankruptcy and tax lien file is specifically designed for direct mail purposes. Companies from auto dealers to secured credit card divisions to retailers find these lists to be an invaluable resource for building their businesses. Complete bankruptcy records include pertinent information related to the case, such as filing, discharges, and dismissals. Complete tax lien record coverage includes filing and release information. We provide the most deliverable public record file because we perform monthly address integrity maintenance -- and we further enhance the file using:

bulletHousehold income
bulletOwn/rent indicators
bulletPhone numbers
bulletBankcard indicator
bulletLength of residence
bulletDwelling unit type
bulletMarital status

Suppression Services

The public record file including bankruptcies, tax liens and civil judgments is available for marketing suppression services. Using this tool, you can effectively remove unwanted prospects from your marketing list/database based upon specific public record characteristics. You save money right up front by not mailing to prospects who might not be able to benefit from or purchase your products or services.


Net Worth Direct Marketing Lists

Targeting affluent consumers is not simply a matter of pinpointing geographies where household wealth is high. You need a model that knows the difference between millionaires and high income. Middle America savers within the same geography - and then tells you the names and addresses of exactly the people you want to target.

It's no simple matter to define the net worth of a household. Income and occupation are not enough. You need to consider the interaction of lifecycle, assets, business equity and attitude toward savings and investment to accurately predict a household's net worth and buying power.

Self-reported survey data has been overlaid on top of the Affluence Database to help define households in terms of their place on the wealth continuum.

Now you can capitalize on the Affluent households and geographies to develop products, services and marketing programs that successfully reach the highly differentiated segments of affluent America.


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